Approximately 13.8 Billions Years Ago...

A tiny glitch in the vast space of n number of dimensions lead to the beginning of a spatial dimension named “time” which lead to the Big Bang. Through the course of nature, Earth began life around 9 billion years ago.    

Life Multiplied into different species and It evolved through time. As time continued to flow second by second, moment by moment, life saw days and nights shuffle and by its characteristics, it learnt different emotions through living.   

Life divided itself through many organisms in time and at every second of that spatial dimension, life was given choices to move forward or stay still with the circumstances it had. Every single choice is connected to everything else, we as humans perform in mysterious manners.   

we choose from our choices based on nature converting to electro chemical impulses that are fired to our brain by neurons from the 5 organs leading to release of enzymes Serotonin, Oxytocin and Dopamine that creates an emotion named “Love”.   

Millenniums have passed on this planet and yet we are here to fight for the one emotion that contains the most selfless unexplainable connection to another life form.   

 Every right and wrong choice that has been ever made in the world created the perfect circumstance in bringing me to prost on the 13th of march 2017 when I first laid my eyes on you. The Moment you held me for a picture at OTM, every single neuron fed information to my brain with increased perspiration and adrenaline which led to the release of those enzymes. Everytime this memory is recalled, I live the entire moment followed by a wide smile.  

 In No time I fell in love with you, I was never more sure of anything in life  

Ive never felt like this with anyone and I'm sure I'm not going to find another person who's short, cute, hot and the perfect cuddles.

    From the moment I fell in love with you, I left a part of me in you and took a a part of you with me. I might have given you a hard time and might give you in the future as well, but as long as we are together, we always complete each other.  

  I forget the world when I’m in your arms, I forget the past, I forget evolution, I stop thinking about the future, all I can feel is the silence around us with our hearts pacing, the smell of you takes me to a very happy place, every moment with you is unforgettable.   

The greatest night of my life

The greatest girl in my life...

With all that's said and done....

Will you be my Girlfriend?

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